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Long Island Screen Printing Company will show you why screen printing your logo to clothing & apparel will help you brand your business. Wearing clothing with your Company Logo screened or embroidered is a great way to promote your business, it also looks more professional to customers. Please look below for some of our screen printing samples.
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Screen Printing and Embroidery Examples
When you go to meetings or appointments it is always important to dress presentable. Having your Company Logo or Emblem screen printed or embroidered on your employees clothing is not only the more professional look but, it also helps brand your company. For small businesses screen printed clothing is a great way to show customers that you are bringing your business to the next level by keeping a uniformed staff. For Large businesses it is important to continue branding your established company so it will expand through generations. If you would like to speak with our screen printing department directly.
• T-Shirts
• Sweatshirts
• Polo Shirts
• Knit Shirts
• Hats

• Jackets
• Jerseys

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